Quickie Tool Case Sewing Pattern

(There are a few sewn samples if you don't want to make your own. You can find them HERE (a few more to come).

Sewing Level: Intermediate


The Quickie Case is the case you need when you quickly want to use or find the things you need most and use most often-and take them with you! Perfect for travel or classes and customizable for your tools with four Pocket Options. You can make a Quickie for each style of craft or use!

It’s compact, sturdy, and secure. It easily fits in most bags and it’s quick to open and access your tools. Choose from four Pocket Options to suit your tools best! It fits perfectly in all Chicken Boots bags as it was designed to do so.

Pattern comes with Instructions and printable pattern pieces plus how to sew Video.

There are Five Pocket Options. One is the Pocket Page that all versions come with (unless you opt to not include it). Choose two of the four Pocket Options for the Upper and Lower Case:

  • Pocket Option 1: Elasticized Pockets
  • Pocket Option 2: Layered Flat Pockets
  • Pocket Option 3: Tool Tip Pocket
  • Pocket Option 4: Bulky Clear Pocket
  • The fifth is the Pocket Page which is standard on all Quickies

The Quickie Measures: 

Closed: 5 1/2"wide x 9" tall (14 x 23 cm)

Open: 5 1/2" wide x 23" long ( 14 x 58.2 cm)

When full, it can be 3/4" - 1 1/2" thick (1.0- 3.8 cm)

Pocket measurements are provided in images.

Yardage Requirements:

  • L x W:First measurement is length grain to keep directional prints in mind where applicable.
  • Width:Any fabric width will be sufficient; Vinyl usually comes 54"/137 cm wide and stiffener usually comes 20"/51 cm wide.

(A ‘Fat Quarter’ is a unit of fabric measure in the quilting world and many fabric shops sell fabric in this size and shape).


Many of the pieces are small and can be cut from scraps.

Yardage is provided to make the Case with all Pocket Options. It’s less confusing to provide one yardage measurement since many of the pieces are so small, they don’t impact the yardage requirement.

Outer (Main Fabric)

14" x 18"(35.5 x 46 cm)Fat quarter is sufficient


14" x 11"(35.5 x 28 cm)Fat quarter is sufficient


7" x 18"(18 x 46 cm)Fat quarter is sufficient

Fabric for Bias Binding

A fat quarter will be more than enough to give you 110"/ 280 cm linear bias.


8" x 19"(21 x 48 cm)1/4 yd/m will be sufficient


23“ x 9“(58 x 23 cm)1/4 yd/m will be sufficient

The Notions are listed in two sections. One is for the Outer Case and Pocket Page since it's assumed all Quickies have these elements. The other section breaks down Notions by Pocket Choice.

 Outer Case:

  • 3/4"- 1" (1.9-2.5 cm) wide Elastic:6" (15 cm)
  • 1 3/8"/35 mm wide Bias: 54" (137 cm)

Pocket Page:

  • Zipper:6"/15 cm opening. For Continuous zipper cut 7"/18 cm
  • 1 3/8"/35 mm wide Bias:30"/76 cm

Pocket Options:

Elasticized Pockets

  • 3/8"/1 cm wide Elastic: 11"/28 cm

Flat Pockets

  • 1 3/8"/35 mm wide Bias: 6" (15.2 cm)

Tool Tip Pocket

  • 3/4"- 1" (1.9-2.5 cm) wide elastic:6" (15.2 cm)

Bulky Pocket

  • 1 3/8"/35 mm wide Bias: 20" (51 cm)
  • Zipper: 7"/18 cm opening.For continuous zipper, cut 8"/20 cm long.

Printing: Print Actual Size or 100%, 

Purchase Notes:

  • Download links do not expire -be sure to save the email with your download links. Once you receive your link, download it immediately and save it to a file on your computer so you have it forever. (Downloads usually appear in your Downloads folder on your computer; You can also search your computer to find them.)
  • Once you purchase the pattern, it will be emailed to you instantly. Check your spam folder if you don't see it.

The Look

The samples were sewn using three different fabrics to add some contrast and to help differentiate between pockets. However, you can use all one fabric for Lining and Pockets or mix it up a bit.

Fabric Weights

Outer Case:Medium to heavy weight non-stretch fabrics.If you use a heavy weight for the Outer, use medium or lighter for the lining and pockets. If the case gets too heavy, it will be difficult to bind at the end or fold shut.

Lining, Pockets, Bias:Medium to light weight fabrics.

Fabric Suggestions

Heavy weight fabric ideas:canvas, denim, waxed canvas, linen cotton canvas.

Light and Medium weight fabric ideas: quilting cotton, lawn, and poplin.

Bias for Binding:Use light or medium weight fabric for the bias binding.

Vinyl:(optional if you want see-through pockets). 12 gauge matte/frosted or crystal clear vinyl. A heavy gauge prevents tools poking through and will be sturdier. Gauges can vary in stiffness but most vinyl you find will be adequate. It’s acting primarily as a window.

Stiffener: The case should be somewhat stiff to aid the elastic holding your case shut and keeping your tools secure and protected. It can bePellon 70, batting, Foam such asSoft and Stable, or even a few layers of fabric/canvas. 


There is an included How To Sew Video in addition to written sewing Instructions.

The Video has Time Stamps and Subtitles.

Each written step has the corresponding Time Stamp.

If you want to watch me casually sew one in a live stream, you can watch that HERE.