Laundry Basket Sewing Pattern and Video



A PDF Sewing Pattern to make a Laundry Basket.

Carry your laundry from the hamper to the washing machine with this sewing solution. The Pocket holds laundry tabs, quarters, the laundry room key or how about a snack? This large bag is useful without the laundry customizations too.

The stiff top edge makes it easy to stay open while loading and unloading the Basket. The hook will attach to the lip of your dryer to make it easy to drop items inside. The Bottom stiffener gives the bag a nice flat surface for your folded items.

  • Optional Zippered Top Closure
  • Carry with one hand
  • Hook for easy dryer retrieval (great for stacking units)
  • One InternalPocket
  • Stiff bottom and upper edge (Gives it body and helps to hold it open)


There is a reference video with Time Stamps in the description for each step. You can find the video on YouTube or linked here in the product description.The sewing steps in the PDF are meant for reference and to be used with the video but they are sufficient for a sewist familiar with sewing construction. Find the links to the Videos HERE.

Skill Level: Adventurous- most steps are straight seams. Attaching the Basket to the Bottom is the trickiest but I'll help you through it!

Finished Measurements: 

  • Bottom: 13" square, 26" wide at the Top, 17" tall

Purchase contains:

  • Written and Illustrated Sewing Instructions, 13 pages.
  • Measurements are provided for pattern pieces- they are all squares and rectangles.

Purchase Notes:

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  • You're welcome to make and sell the Laundry Basket if you have purchased the pattern but only if you're on a home-based business scale. If you have questions on what scale 'home-based' is just ask! Please use the hashtag so we can feature your creations!


Materials Needed:

For most of the Laundry Basket you've seen as samples, fabrics such as canvas, Spoonflower's denim, Essex Linen, and other similar medium to heavy fabrics were used. A lighter weight material can be used for the lining. Most machines should be able to sew all the steps. An alternative to the top stitching along the top edge is provided (you can under stitch it or skip it).

Fabrics and material:

Outer Fabric
44" wide: 1 1/2 yards
58" wide:  1 yard non-directional or 1.25 yards directional

Lining Fabric:
44" wide: 1 yard
58" wide: 1 yard

Stiffener (Pellon 70 or similar heavy weight non-fusible):
20" wide: 1 yard


  • A Hook sufficient to hold the weight of your laundry basket when filled.It's a good idea to see if it fits on the lip of your dryer. For the samples, a pattern hook was used. You can get one FREE HERE while supplies last or purchase from a site like Wawak. The cords eventually fail on Pattern Hooks hence why I'm utilizing the hook which is very strong and long lasting and no longer has a cord. (You don't have to use a Pattern Hook! You can use whatever works for your dryer and method of attaching to your Basket).
  • Handle Alternative: If you want to replace the Handles with webbing you need: 48" of 1" wide webbing (You need two handles, each 24" long)
  • Optional Zipper: 26" opening Non-separating Zipper. For the samples, 4.5 coil chain zipper by-the-yard was used. You can purchase zipper by-the-yard HERE until supplies last. 


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