If you enjoy my content and the community of sewists, please consider a small donation! It helps a lot! Currently just about everything you see me make comes out of my own pocket. But I'm committed to helping others and creating a positive sewing community. There's even a way to donate and I'll donate the garment.

Affiliate Links, Ambassadorships, Sponsorships:


  • Affiliate & Ambassador with Minerva Crafts. Using that link every time you make a purchase earns me a commission and it costs you nothing.
  • Affiliate with Wardrobe by Me Patterns. Using that link every time you make a purchase earns me a commission and it costs you nothing.
  • Ambassador & Affiliate for 5 out of 4 Patterns. Each month I get a pattern to sew for free as well as access to their promo patterns. If you see a pattern in their collection you'd like to see me sew, please let me know! You can use the link when you make a purchase and it will earn me a small commission but cost you nothing.
  • Hart's Fabric in Santa Cruz gives us whole projects to sew! They also gave you your very own coupon. Just ask for it next time you're in the stream or by direct message or email (I can't post the code in text here).
  • Occasionally I get projects from Pattern Companies too! Stay tuned to see what our next one will be. We've had wonderful collaborations with companies like Helen's Closet and Wardrobe by Me!
  • I now have Amazon Affiliate links. These take you to Amazon where you can learn more about the item. If you make a purchase for ANYTHING (even if it isn't the item I linked) after using that link, I get a small commission. I have listed these Affiliate Links below.


I have an Amazon Wish List and you can find it HERE. But please do not feel you need to purchase on Amazon if you like other methods. My address is below, and donations are great if that helps... and THANKS!


Accepting support is new to me and I'm still trying to figure out the easiest method for you. I have two options if you want to donate but I have other passive ways to support me too:

  1. For a one-time Donation you can donate on my website here: Donate
  2. For a monthly 'subscription' style of support at different levels you can utilize my new Sew Sew Guild!  A Community of Curious Sewists of Any Ability. There is an exclusive monthly call-in show, monthly Skill Buidling Sessions, Workshops, and Zoom sessions as well as a vibrant and active community of sewists chatting and posting all things sewing WITHOUT ADS and WITHOUT ANYONE TAKING YOUR DATA. It's unique and nothing like communities attached to other teaching formats like Kajabi or Teachable. It has Topics, posting, polls and so much more! It's really an amazing space. Find out more at
  3. I sell patterns and product and materials on my website and it changes occasionally. You can check out my current offering by checking out these two links: Shop Patterns or Shop Products & Materials.
  4. There are also Super Chats enabled on my YouTube channel and when you're watching live, you can send a donation during the live stream.
  5. And a niche way to support me: If you are an Amazon Prime member and a Twitch viewer, you can give me $5 each month at no cost to you! Just click the 'subscribe' button on my Twitch Channel. This type of subscription has to be renewed manually each month and you will not be charged for anything once the month is up. It's very easy to do. Twitch
  6. LASTLY:
    • you can watch the ads on the videos
    • share my videos with folks you think may enjoy them!
    • Commenting and watching are the best ways to show YouTube I am getting engagement.
    • Liking and Subscribing helps in a more passive way by showing others someone sees value in this video which helps gain more interest!
    And if you want to send me a postcard or something:
    Saremy Duffy/ Sew Sew
    P.O. Box 253
    Paradise CA 95967


    Thank you! I really appreciate it. You're Sew Amazing! 


    Affiliate Links to items I use on my stream:

    I also have a Wish List above.

    Sewing Supplies:
    Juki MCS-1500 Coverstitch:
    Juki MO1000 Serger/Overlock
    Little sewing snips by Karen Kay Buckley:
    Tapered Tailor's Awl by Clover:
    Wonder Clips by Clover:
    Seam Ripper by Clover:
    Chaco Liner by Clover:
    Crayola Ultra Washable Markers:
    Clover Buttonhole Cutter:
    Rowenta Professional Steam Iron:
    Juki 8700-7 Industrial Machine with Electronics:
    Juki 8700 Industrial Machine without Electronics:

    Organizing Supplies:
    Clear Pattern Sleeves:
    Rabbit Hole Punch for use with hanging pattern hooks:
    Pattern Hooks for hanging patterns and for use with Rabbit Punch but not necessary:
    Rolling Cart:
    Stacking Bins (Collapsible and act like simple drawers):

    Pattern Drafting Supplies:
    Pattern Notcher:
    Tracing Wheel:
    Screw Punch:
    Pattern Drafting Scissors:
    2" x 18" C-Thru Ruler:

    Cutting Supplies:
    Olfa 45 mm Rotary Cutter:
    Replacement Blades for 45 mm Olfa Cutter (ten pack):
    Replacement Blades for 45 mm Olfa Cutter (five pack):
    Omnigrid 6" x 12" Ruler:
    Omnigrid 12.5" x 12.5":

     A note:The above links are affiliate links for several different products. I earn a small amount from qualifying purchases at no cost to you and I tried to pick the most competitive yet exact item as possible! Even if you navigate away from the item and buy something unrelated, I still get a small amount. Thanks!