Are you a Fabric Shop or Pattern Company?

Whether you're a fabric shop, a pattern company, a fabric designer or anyone who needs samples, let's help each other!

I LOVE to sew and I need content.

Simply put- if I sew each week for my live stream I would easily end up with almost 50 new items each year. Hey, I like clothes but that's a bit much!

In exchange for supplying me with everything I need to make your project, you will get videos on how to sew your project and you get to keep the project! My stream is growing every day! And while this is something new, the response is really wonderful so far!

My live stream and uploaded videos are free and all are welcome to join and watch! 

Here are the details

Your Contribution

  • Pattern
  • Fabric 
  • Findings/Notions
  • Details
  • Return Shipping
  • Promotion (this is important and will be detailed in the form but basically I appreciate it if you help me promote your project. My aim is to get to as many folks as possible. You don't have to come to the live stream if you do not want to but it makes a big impact! Promoting the stream of your project on your Instagram grid, in your Facebook group, and even in a newsletter makes a huge impact. It also shows your support. Just putting it in your Instagram story isn't enough. You are welcome to use any thumbnails I create. You can download any of the videos or link to them.)
  • You're welcome to offer a promo for your item to the viewers too.
  • I will also accept payment if it is financially feasible for you. My fee is roughly $200 per project. We can discuss the layout of the videos if you plan to download and edit them or add text overlay.

I'll send you a one page form to fill out and we will discuss all that you want for your project. We're always looking for projects!! I can't stress that enough. 


1. Project: I will prep your project, create graphics and thumbnails for the videos and social media. And I will cut and sew it live on camera!

2. Social: After completing the project I will photograph the garment casually either flat, on a dress form or on a person and share it on Instagram once it's complete. Generally I post on Instagram once before cutting, once the day of cutting, once after, and the same for the sewing videos. Plus I post once it's complete. In general I post 5 - 8 times on average per project mostly in my Instagram grid and sometimes in Stories.

3. Materials: I will return your fabrics and leftover supplies with your sample. I'll tag you on Instagram and make it very clear I'm making this with your generosity!

4. Videos: Some garments are only one live stream of sewing and some are in two parts. Depending upon your project it will either be 2 or 3 videos. They will live on YouTube for re-watching after I'm live and also links to them will exist here on the website.

5. Example: Here is an example of one such project and all the details I will write up (Just click the image to see what I post here on my website after I'm done): 

I hope we can work together!

I spend a lot of effort on my projects and my viewers are such a great bunch of sewists. They appreciate my sewing style, sometimes challenge me about why I do something the way I do, offer suggestions and really engage with me about the project. I also hope you can trust me and let me experience your project the way I would if it were my own. I feel this is the most authentic experience and I like to be very transparent about my process, impressions about the pattern and fabric and sizing. I respect pattern drafters very much. I am one myself and have been for over 30 years. And I respect the path that any drafter takes on their pattern- even if it isn't one I'd take myself- I still love experiencing a different point of view!  

I am particularly interested in promoting inclusive sizing and diversity in the crafting world too. No company is too small or too big with which to work. I believe we're all equal.

Please contact me further if you'd like to discuss a sponsored stream further and thanks!

You can email me here: Send me an email