Closet Organizer FREE pattern by Sew Sew Patterns


Sewing Level: Intermediate (it's a large project with some binding)

Fabric:Medium weight cotton with stiffener

The Closet Organizer lets you get stuff off of the floor and utilize a hook or closet dowel to hang a pocketed organizer. You can use the configuration that comes standard or customize yours to suit your needs.

I originally designed it to wrangle wrapping paper and all the things that go along with wrapping presents: ribbon, tags, rolls of paper, bags, card boxes and more. Now I also use one to wrangle pet stuff and vacuum attachments.

 This is a 12 page PDF file. There are complete instructions, videos linked below, cutting info, and more. It has everything you need to make it. There are just a few printable pattern pieces, the rest are measurements.

Happy organizing!

The PDF link will appear on the receipt page if you give it a second to load. It will also be emailed to you.

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Notes:This may look like an intimidating project but it's just series of steps that are repeated a few times so you don't have to keep learning a new thing. It's a great skill-building project and pockets can be customized for your organizational needs.