Sewing A.S.M.R.

This is a new series I created to proved a soothing background of sewing noise. There is no talking or instruction or text on screen. It is purely sewing companionship. I'm calling it ASMR as it is a sort of soothing ambiance that is created but it doesn't resemble true A.S.M.R. which stands for autonomous sensory median response. Brief description below.

There will always be an instructional video for whatever I sew in these videos and it will be linked in the description.

The link below goes to the Playlist of all A.S.M.R. videos.

Description: A.S.M.R. is a genre of video style that stimulates a physical response due to audio cue. For example, finger nails tapping a surface, someone squeezing slime, or maybe someone whispering....these sounds and so many more can produce goose bumps or a tingling scalp. It's a large and interesting genre.