Sew Sew Guild

One thing I really enjoy is community.

It's funny since I'm certainly an introvert as hard as that is to believe. But I really thrive in an environment where we're working together. Whether it's at work, in the neighborhood or in the sewing world.

I don't necessarily think everyone has to agree, believe the same things, or vote the same. It sounds a little 'Polyanna' but honestly, without coming together over a shared passion-whatever that may be- the cracks in our world start to show. And I truly like to understand where someone is coming from....even if it's over controversial things such as crotch curves or if you should pin perpendicular to the seam. Your opinion matters to you.

Sew Sew Guild is a sewing space. It's positive, informative, and the best way I've found to connect with other sewists. 

What started as an experiment has grown in to a thriving space where many have left sewing social media behind in favor of spending their time in a space where there are no ads or data mining and they can talk about sewing to their heart's content.

It is active and thriving but not overwhelming. There are Topics to follow, Groups to join and Skills to learn. If you want. Maybe you just want to post your makes, ask about fabric, get help in a sewing emergency or cheer others on. 

Currently it is free to join. But there are paid Groups too which is primarily

what keeps Sew Sew going. The Groups mostly include zoom open workshops, Skill Building Sessions and also a monthly call-in show called Ask a Sewy Question where we also review newly released patterns that everyone suggests.

I hope you'll consider joining and checking it out! I think you'll be surprised. You'll see me in there everyday answering questions, asking polls, posting makes, and cheering you on. I know I was surprised! I didn't think a space could exist where we can connect over something that is so loved by all of us without the pressures of social media.

And if you have questions, be sure to ask! It's free to join and all the paid Groups have free trials. There's helpful guides to learn your way around. It's beautiful, and  you'll only see friendly familiar faces from the live streams and beyond.

All are welcome no matter your size, or sewing level. Sew Sew Guild is safe and inclusive to all.

Happy sewing! ~Saremy

Sew Sew Guild
A Community for Curious Sewists of any Ability.