Burnside Bibs by Sew House Seven

Sewing Level:Intermediate

Fabric: Stretch denim and a cotton print for the lining 

I made size and View (if applicable): Size 12, Cropped with mods 

My mods: No tie, elasticized back waist, Side button openings, no belt loops, straps start at the back waist, criss-cross to the front, and attach with button and buttonhole. 

Description: Relaxed overalls 

Click the images below for videos: 


Notes:These are a very fun sew! Don't all my mods prevent you from making these or watching. I explain the options. I had a power failure during part 2 that's why there are two videos. Next time I'd make these more casual and longer. Since my cropped pair are a bit difficult to pair with the current shoes I own. The elastic back worked like a charm! But I also wouldn't mind a nice slouchy pair.