1920s One Yard Bias Apron by Decades of Style

For the first week of December 2019 we're sewing Gifts!

Sewing Level: Advanced Beginner

Fabric: Wovens, cottons

I made size and View (if applicable): One size (also comes with a child's 8-12 size). I combined the two views and made a reversible apron but with a binding edge.

Description: 'What to do with one yard of fabric?' This pattern is cut from one yard (36" square) of fabric! Cutting it on the bias makes it easy to fit and flattering too!

Click the images below for videos: 


Notes: This apron came out so amazing. I love it! I immediately cut one out for my mom. Next time I will pinch out about 1.5" in the back neck area- but on the bottom edge- not the edge toward the neck. It sort of ruffles or flares here but I think just taking a wedge out of it would work great. This is definitely not a necessary change!