How to Fit a Set-In Sleeve PDF and Videos

A Set-In Sleeve and a proper fitting armhole is the key to a great fitting top, shirt, bodice, or dress. Once your shoulders, armhole and sleeve are fitting well, all other issues get easier to fix. The Set-In Sleeve is the foundation pattern for ALL sleeve patterns. 

It's also the trickiest to fit! 

This guide with mini-tutorials will help you diagnose and fix almost every fit issue of your set-in sleeve.

What Is Included

In this Skill Building Session you will have access to a 18 page document that outlines: 

  • What a Set-in Sleeve Is
  • When, Why and Where to Use one
  • How to Sew one and get all that ease in to the armhole seam
  • All about a Set-In Sleeve pattern
  •  Working with Stretch Fabrics
  •  Mini tutorials to adjust the fit of nine different issues 
    1. Shoulders Too Broad or Too Narrow
    2. Cap Has Too Much or Not Enough Ease
    3. Front Cap Strain
    4. Above Chest Strain
    5. Cap Height Too Tall or Too Short
    6. Bicep Circumference is too small or too large (and I do not use the Full Bicep Adjustment method since it doesn't work in many cases). Adjusting Armhole size.
    7. Armhole is Too Low
    8. Adding a Lift (to improve range of motion in a good fitting sleeve so the garment doesn't raise up when you raise your arm)
    9. Sleeve is Too Long or Too Short
    10. Wrist is Too Small or Too Large
  • Bonuses on how to:
    •  Add a lift (one of my not-so-secret essential fit tips)
    • Making an armhole sleeveless 
    • Adding a sleeve to a sleeveless armhole
  • VIDEOS: Over two hours of video with tutorials for all the Fit Issues broken up in to chapters including a Bonus Video Seeing existing garments with set-in sleeves on the body and identifying their fit issues.

When you Purchase this Skill Building Session, you'll get a download link containing the PDF Guide of 28 printable pages (10 of which are for the pattern pieces to practice sewing a Set-In Sleeve) and a Word document that has links to the Instructional Videos. You'll get your download link on the receipt page and emailed to you.


What You'll Get From SBS #1 Set-In Sleeves

As a student, you'll get a few great benefits from being here:

  • Exclusive content. We've designed SBS #1 Set-In Sleeves to inspire, instruct, and enable. It is accurate, tried and true, and not always the same material you see in the home sewing world.

  • Fit your Perfect Sleeve Using the included Guide and Videos you'll have tools to identify fit issues and correct them on your own sleeve pattern.

  • Get results. As you dive into the course content you're on a path of mastery. While it's not necessarily easy, the transformation we'll get together matters. 

How to Get the Most Out of SBS #1 Set-In Sleeves

You're here to get results! Here’s some tips to get them:

Be Kind to Yourself. Fitting your sleeve is a journey that is worth taking.

Start Small. Pick a pattern that has a set-in sleeve to use as a base.

Be Prepared. You'll be cutting and sewing a few examples.

And Be Ready!  Soon you'll have a great fitting sleeve and armhole you can use on any appropriate garment!

Do you want a great fitting garment with as much range of motion as possible?

Purchase Notes:

  • Download links do not expire -be sure to save the email with your download links. Once you receive your link, download it immediately and save it to a file on your computer so you have it forever. (Downloads usually appear at the bottom of the web page in the bottom left corner and also in your Downloads folder on your computer; You can also search your computer to find them.)
  • Once you purchase the pattern, it will be emailed to you instantly. Check your spam folder if you don't see it.

Let's get started!

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