Buttons and Buttonholes Skill Building Session Bundle

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Buttons & Buttonholes

This is two Skill Building Sessions in one! It's comprehensive but you can consume it in bite sized sections. It makes a great reference.

It comes a PDF download for Buttons and a PDF download for Buttonholes. They work great together and there is no significant overlap or duplication. It is unique material for either. Both are illustrated, include photos, examples, sketches and more. It's concise and easy to understand. 

Knowing WHY you need to do something so it comes out correctly is the type of learning that sticks. It's more logical.

There are lots of alternatives to both Buttons and Buttonholes, hand sewing options, machine sewing options and solutions for any project.

The Troubleshooting for each section tackles issues head on. Things happen!

Videos have time stamps and subtitles, PDFs are organized.

Buttons Skill Building Session:

In this Skill Building Session, you will find these topics:

  1. Button Types and Things to Consider when Selecting a Button
  2. Thread Selection: Type, Weight and Colo
  3. Holes of a Button, the Stitch Footprint and Stitch Pattern
  4. Sewing Flat Buttons with a Machine
  5. Hand Tying Button Threads
  6. Hand Sewing a Button
  7. Weaving a Thread Shank
  8. Standard Button Sizes
  9. Button Placement: Collar Stand, Shirt Placket, Waistband
  10. Tools and Buttonhole Alternatives
  11. Troubleshooting and Tips
  12. Ligne Chart (button sizes in ligne with mm and inch equivalents)

There are eight videos:

  1. Placing Buttons
  2. Hand Sewing a Button
  3. Weaving a Thread Shank
  4. Machine Sewing a Button
  5. Hand Tying Button Threads
  6. How to Make a Thread Loop
  7. Buttons, Alternatives & Storage
  8. Troubleshooting, Tips and Examples

The videos are located on YouTube and have speed control, subtitles, and time stamps.

There is a 17 page downloadable PDF packet that is a companion to the information in the videos.

Buttonholes Skill Building Session

The Buttonholes Skill Building Session is more than just a How To sew a buttonhole.

There is so much information to be learned about buttonholes and understanding WHY or HOW helps us have less anxiety about creating them and helps us be more successful when we create them.

This Skill Building Session covers:

  • How and Where to Place Buttonholes on Shirts, Waistbands, Button Flys, Dresses, Skirts, Coats, Collar Stands and Cuffs.
  • How to sew a Buttonhole with a Machine that has a Buttonholes Setting
  • How to sew a Buttonhole with only a Zig Zag stitch.
  • Alternatives to Buttonholes
  • Tools and Helpful Items
  • Troubleshooting a Buttonhole when:
    • You Cut through the End of the Buttonhole
    • You Cut the Side Stitches of a Buttonhole
    • The Buttonhole is Too Short
    • The Buttonhole is Too Long
  • How to Hand Sew a Buttonhole
  • There are Ten Videos and a 26 page Downloadable PDF with Placement Worksheets for 8 different garment areas.
  1. Machine Sewing
  2. Placement
  3. Tools
  4. Cutting Buttonholes
  5. Manually Sewing a Straight with a zig zag stitch
  6. Manually Sewing a Tailor's buttonhole with a zig zag stitch
  7. Troubleshooting Buttonholes
    1. Too Short
    2. Too Long
    3. You've accidentally cut through the end
    4. You've accidentally cut the side stitches
    5. Removing a Buttonhole
  1. Corded Buttonhole
  2. Faced or Spanish Snap Buttonhole
  3. Bound Buttonholes

    This is the most definitive guide to making Buttonholes you'll find!

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