Sport Shorts by Friday Pattern Company

Sewing Level: Intermediate

Fabric: Wovens (light to medium weight including quilting cotton, rayon, lawn, poplin and yarn dyed fabrics)

I made size and View (if applicable): Size L

My mods: Added the waistband to the body of the shorts (not separate); used a binding attachment to sew the binding.

Description: Bias trimmed shorts with elastic waist and pockets

Click the images below for videos: 

Complete sew-through with information about using a binding attachment and how to add the waistband to the pattern pieces so it can be cut as one.


The Drafting video shows how to lengthen and increase the leg opening. Second is sewing.


Notes: I've made shorts like this before but these have pockets! I wanted to add the waistband to the pattern to simplify the sewing and keep the elastic from twisting inside of a casing. But you do lose the contrast waistband look.

One one pair I made no modifications to the sizing (the pair linked in the first video). For the second pair I made for a pajama set, I increased the length by 3.25" and increased the leg opening 1".