Sew Sew Fitopedia PDF and Videos

Sew Sew Fitopedia Fitting Series

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Now for sale: The Back *NEW: The Neck & Shoulders will be included for free with the purchase of The Back upon release*

You get access to all videos immediately with the purchase of the PDF. For everyone else, the videos are releasing every two days.

Watch for live streams and additional videos all about Fitting!

 This Fitting Guide is comprehensive!

It includes:

  • 14 Videos
  • 42 Pages
  • Adjustments for all pattern and armhole styles.
  • It illustrates symptoms and tells you the consequences of the adjustment.
  • There are over 100 diagrams.
  • Photos with a reminder of what the issue looks like.
  • Step-by-step instructions.
  • Links to all the videos.
  • An At-A-Glance overview of all Solutions, and so much more.

It will be THE MOST comprehensive Fitting Guide when it is complete. You can purchase the Sections you want as they become available. It will be updated. And your input will be considered.  You will be able to use this for the rest of your life and on all the garments you sew for anyone in your life.

My 30 plus years of creating patterns in the Fashion and Outer wear industries combined with current home sewing solutions to make fitting concise and intuitive. Many of the adjustments are similar to those in the home sewing space, however other videos will show how to expand on these solutions and help you detect the fitting issues you want to solve. There are solutions I've created myself that are simpler and more accurate.

Everything has been considered. Does your garment have a dart? Is it on the Fold? Does it have a Cut-On Sleeve? Does it stop at the waist? Almost all possible solutions are offered! And if it's not there, let me know.

Watch the Introduction video to learn more and see some pages of the PDF!

All the Fitting videos will be available on YouTube. They are a companion to the PDF. They will help- but the PDF will be the ultimate Tool! 

This Fitopedia series is broken in to Sections:

  • The Back (Upper Body) Available Now!
  • Length & Circumference (Upper Body) Coming Soon.
  • Neck & Shoulders Coming Soon.
  • The Front (Upper Body) Coming Soon.
  • Sleeves Coming Soon.
  • Pants Coming Soon.

 In each section, the fitting is broken down in fitting issues by type:

  • Circumference
  • Length
  • Shaping

    The Tutorials in this guide:

    • Work on all Genders & Body Types
    • Work on Stretch or Non-Stretch patterns
    • Show Diagrams Without Seam Allowance
    • List possibleSymptoms, provideSteps to Fixon all armhole and pattern styles, and list the Consequences of the Adjustment with tips to address them.
    • Show an example with a dart if applicable (same solution applies if there is no dart).
    • Tutorials are concise yet thorough. For further explanation refer to its video counterpart linked in the section.
    • Will work on patterns that are on the Fold or have a Center Back Seam unless otherwise noted.

    All Armhole styles are shown. There are diagrams and photos plus a link to the video. It's concise and clear and as you acquire these pages they'll make up a book at the completions of the series.

    You will be able to confidently make your adjustments while also knowing other areas of the pattern that the solution may affect.


    Every Fitting Solution has a video with Time Stamps. They are all linked from the PDF guide both within the Fitting Solution, and on a page of all the Videos.


    Videos are organized by Armhole/Pattern Style. (Because most likely if you're searching for a solution, you'll be searching by it's armhole style For example, Raglan Back Issues.

    The PDF is organized by Fitting Issues. If you want to learn the solution for a Rounded Back, you'll find all the pattern and armhole styles contained in the tutorial.

    Get your copy today! You get access to all videos upon purchase of the PDF. For everyone else, the videos are released every two days. Once all videos are released, they will be in a Playlist that will be linked here (11/2/2023).

    The Back (40 page PDF, this purchase is a DOWNLOADABLE item)

    Since The Back is the first Section, it also includes information about how to Fit, use the guide and more. It is 40+ pages (the Table of Contents is provided in the images). It has an At-A-Glance Fitting Solution section at the end with all the solutions included (8 pages). A page with all the video links is also included and links are in each Solution. There is a video CODE so if you are not using the PDF with links, you can be sure to watch the correct video associated with the Fitting Solution.

    Tentative price plan for future Sections:

    • Length & Circumference $9
    • Neck & Shoulders (Free with purchase of The Back) or $6 separately
    • The Front $12
    • Sleeves $12
    • Pants $12

    Eventually these Sections will be published in a book. If you want more Fitting help, join the Sew Sew Guild!

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    Happy Fitting!