It Has Pockets! Part One

It Has Pockets! Part One

What Is Included

  • Downloadable Packet (29 pages). 10 Pages are Pocket Information, 19 Pages are the Pattern pieces with an Information sheet specific to each Pattern Style.
  • Each Pocket style has a brief pattern video covering placement, re-sizing, and more and How To Sew videos for different variations. (Two Hours)
  • Bonus: Top Stitching Tips (for decorative back pockets)

More detailed information below!

When you Purchase this Skill Building Session, you'll get a download link containing the PDF Guide of 29 printable pages (10 of which are Pocket Information and 19 of which are the pattern pieces and information sheet on each pocket style). There is also a Word document that has Video Links to the Instructional Videos. You'll get your download link on the receipt page and emailed to you.

 Detailed Information:

Included in this session are patterns for 7 (almost 10) styles of pockets. Most of these styles have variations.

 Patterns Included:

  • Basic Patch Pocket (two sizes)
  • Patch Pocket with Pointed Bottom (two sizes)
  • Patch Pocket with Angled corners (two sizes)
  • Large Hand Patch Pocket (two version, rounded and squared)
  • Cargo Pocket with Pleat
  • Cargo Pocket with Baffle/Bellow
  • Side Seam/In Seam Pocket
  • Drop Pocket for Horizontal Seam (with or without rounded flap)
  • Drop Pocket for Internal Use (with and without flap cover)

 Included Flaps:

  • Pointed Flap (two sizes)
  • Angled Flap (two sizes)


  • Jeans Top Stitching Tips:
    • Notes on Thread and Needle Selection
    • Printing on Vellum
    • Using Continuous Line Drawings
    • Sewing with or without a Paper Guide
    • How NOT to Backstitch
    • Placement

 Videos: With each Pocket there is a Pattern Notes Video with information about:

  • Where this Pocket is Found
  • Ideal Attributes
  • Any Special Materials Needed
  • How to Change the Size
  • How to Add It to a Pattern

Videos: Each Pocket also has How To Sew Videos with Variations.

By the end of this Skill Building Session you will be able to know where to put each style pocket, how to sew it, and how to add it to any pattern.

Never be without Pockets again!

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