Pant (& Skirt) Closures Skill Building Session

Zipper Fly, Button Fly and Lapped Zippers and everything you need to understand how to draft them, sew them, and understand what is happening on each one.

Want to switch the style of closure on your next pair of Pants? Or have you ever wanted to demystify a Zipper Fly, Button Fly or Lapped Zipper? Why do some zipper sit inside the fly closer to the edge than others? What kind of waistline works with a Lapped Zipper? Where do you put the Buttons on a Button Fly and how long should the Fly be?

Also appropriate for skirts!
 In this Skill Building Session there are three different Pants Closures:
  • Lapped Zipper
  • Button Fly
  • Zipper Fly


  • Seven Videos
  • PDF Companion (12 total pages)
  • Pattern Pieces (in the PDF)

Learn How to Sew each style of closure with added context on key things to make each come out fantastic or what to expect to make it easier to apply it to any pants pattern. There are videos for sewing each style closure. Plus a Bonus video for an alternate Zip Fly pattern style.

If you don't want to use the included pattern pieces, the videos teach how to draft your own using your current patterns.

Pattern Pieces are included for Button Fly and Zipper Fly closures.

The PDF companion has written sewing instructions, pattern pieces for the Zipper and Button Fly plus added tips.

There are two styles of Zipper Fly sewing instructions with information on how they compare with one another, how to draft pattern pieces for a zipper fly with a built-in fly facing. In the PDF companion there are pre-drafted pattern pieces included for either style. Videos cover how to sew either.

Detailed List of what is included in this Skill Building Session

Seven Videos:

  • Lapped Zipper Setup
    • Ideal seam allowances
    • Zipper Types needed
    • Compatible Waist finishes 
  • How to Sew a Lapped Zipper
    • Step by Step instructions with context
    • Exactly what is needed to make your sewing successful
  • Button Fly Setup
    • Pattern setup (how to make your pattern suitable
    • How to Draft the pattern pieces
    • What makes a successful Button Fly
  • How to Sew a Button Fly 
    • Step by Step instructions with context 
    • Tips on Buttonhole placement
  • Zipper Fly Setup (with Built-in Fly Facing)
    • Comparison of Zipper Fly with a Built-In Facing or Separate Seam Fly Facing, Pros and Cons
    • How to Draft the Pattern Pieces needed
    • Ideal Zippers
    • How to setup your existing pattern
  • How to Sew a Zipper Fly with a Built-in Fly Facing
    • Step by step instructions with context
  • BONUS: How to Sew a Zipper Fly with a Separate Fly Facing
    • Step by step instructions with context

PDF Companion

  • Written Sewing Instructions
  • Tips on using the included Pattern Pieces on any Pants Pattern
  • Pattern Pieces for:
    • Button Fly
    • Zipper Fly with Built-In Fly Facing
    • Schematic for setting up the Lapped Zipper

Videos are Concise with time stamps that also have instructions.

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Let's get started!

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