My Spoonflower Fabrics

Over the years I've dabbled a little in fabric design.

(I recently updated my Spoonflower name from chickenboots to sewsewsaremy)

To purchase the fabric, you must do so through Spoonflower. Visit Spoonflower HERE. If you use the search function choose Fabric: sewsewsaremy 

New prints are being added regularly.

Regarding the size and repeat of Knit Print: there is now a SEAMLESS version of Knit Print. This means the mirroring effect is gone on the seamless version. Please read to understand the differences and which photos represent which Knit Print scale.

There are Three Knit Prints:

  • Original (largest-not seamless) (1.5 stitches per inch)
  • Smaller (not seamless, but the mirror effect is less obtrusive) (2.1 stitches per inch)
  • Seamless (smallest in scale but no mirror effect). (1.75 stitches per inch)

Comparisons are in the photo gallery.

The original Knit Prints are still for sale. The mirror effect (seam) is less drastic on the Smaller non-seamless Knit Print (I had it professionally worked on) but the repeat is a tad more often since it's a smaller scale. But it's less obtrusive. If you don't like the mirror repeat at all, choose Seamless. It is between the other two in size scale and personally I think it matches the Purl Print in scale the best. Plus it's seamless! Easy to cut and you get more fabric!

The clear bag Double Double is in the Larger original scale version(with coral striped binding). The Dress and the Project Bag with light teal binding is in the smaller scale (The bag has Purl Print as a lining). 

Purl Print

The Purl Print came out with the Original size of the Knit Print and theoretically they're the same scale. Seamless Knit Print matches the Purl in scale the best. However, I think it works with any of the Knit Print scales (we used it for both the originals and nobody ever noticed they were slightly different. (Purl is about 1.75 stitches per inch

Fabric Selection

There are a lot of fabrics to choose from on Spoonflower. I recommend looking at their description of the fabrics HERE to see if it is going to work with your project. I personally like the Linen Cotton Canvas, Cypress and Denim for heavy weight projects. The denim is the heaviest. The Twill is awesome and it's a bit lighter than you'd think. Perfect for pants, skirts and overalls. For lighterweight tops and dresses, the lawn is smooth and crisp (and even a bit noisy), I have liked the poplins and if you really want it to drapey or light, pick a design to print that has a very light background color or none. The more ink, the more body a fabric will have.


As for knits, I like them all. I usually select Modern Jersey or Cotton Spandex Jersey or Organic Cotton Knit. I used their fleece for a dog blanket and Molly loves it! It prints nicely and has held up!

For quilting weight, I like the Petal and the Poplin.

If I didn't mention a fabric, it's not because I don't like it. Spoonflower has added many I haven't gotten to try. If you plan on using Spoonflower occasionally, I highly recommend getting their sample pack. it's worth the money and then some. You can order at the bottom of their Fabric Description page.

I typically order the prints in either Cotton Poplin or Cotton Twill. If you have purchased things from me made in my prints here is a brief synopsis of the fabrics choices we made:

  • Yarn: Linen/Cotton Canvas
  • Rainbow: Cotton Twill
  • Knit and Purl prints: Cotton Poplin
  • Magic Journaler Lining: Cotton Poplin
  • Magic Journal: Cotton Twill
  • Sloppy Swatches: Cotton Poplin
  • BFF outer: Twill
  • BFF Lining: Poplin

If I want multiple prints, I love using their Fill-A-Yard feature. You must first add fabrics to a 'Collection' and then you can use this feature. Each layout has different fabric options. It's far more affordable and you can get as much of the yard in a print as you like.

Happy Sewing! Tag me #SewSewLive so I can see your creations!! And definitely sell stuff made in the prints!