Double Double Bag KITS TO SEW

This is a Kit to Sew. The Pattern and Sewing Instructions are NOT Included.

If you want to purchase the Sewing Pattern, find it HERE.

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The Double Double was named for being four times the size of the Clear Wristlet. You will always find the project you're looking for with the clear lower half.

  • It has a webbing handle that also acts as a cinch to close the bag. There is one internal pocket that is accessed from the inside so the contents stay secure but you can see what's in it from the outside. 
  • Solidly a medium sized bag, you can keep large shawls or a sweater in progress. 
  • Unlined upper to keep the bag light and the webbing able to cinch. It also folds flat.
  • Most seams are bound for a clean and sturdy finish.
  • Washable, no dryer or heat near the vinyl.
  • Measures; 12.5" tall, 12.5" wide flat, base measures 6" x 6".

Fan favorite.

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