Bias Binding Rolls

Never cut bias again!

Be sure to select your Bias from the DROP DOWN menu when adding to your cart. (Images are correct however selecting images will not update the drop down menu).Select First Class PACKAGE not Mail (or Priority). If you choose mail, I'll cancel the order and let you know- Binding is too bulky for First Class Mail.

    Non-folded and 1.375" wide (35 mm) continuous rolls so you don't have to piece it together. Bias cut, excellent quality quilting cotton. Professionally cut and continuous (seamed) bias. Works perfectly in binding attachments, folders and just on its own. Some FAQs are below!

    Wholesale is available on rolls to fabric stores, please email for more information. 

    The price is LOW. It works out to .77 per yard for the rolls and $1 per yard for the cut pack. (Roll prices differ because of the yardage)

    Why such a low price?? Because I know how to get bias cut and I'm smart about it! It's as simple as that. And I wanted to test the waters with this first run. If this goes well, I'll be picking up some designer prints we will all LOVE.

    Start your collection of bias today!


    What is bias?Bias cut in to continuous strips is cut at a 45 degree angle to the length and cross grains of the fabric. It's cut on the bias because it makes it easier to use, it doesn't fray, and behaves better for finishing seams. It's also stretchy.

    What can I use it for?I use bias for lots of things: to finish edges and seams, folded flat like piping without the cord inside, binding quilts, coasters, bags and other non-apparel items, ribbon on packages, as a replacement for a tag. You can weave with it or use it like ribbon.
    Why 1.375"/35 mm wide?
    This is the most versatile width. Once double folded it finishes just under 3/8" wide. I'm open to other widths if folks want it. Quilters often use a much wider width.

    What is Double Fold vs. Single Fold?You can use this binding either way. Double vs Single refers to how it's sewn: is it folded and finished on both sides of the work  or is it flat on one side and folded on the other side. Double fold is used to finish quilt edges while knit single fold is used to finish some t-shirt necklines and is applied with serger/coverstitch.
    Why bias cut?
    This is what you asked for in the poll. I'm open to cross cut as long as folks really want it.
    Can I buy just one yard?
    No. It's a lot of SKUs (items) to manage and this is a test run. I recommend chatting with others in the Facebook group and if you want I can start a sub group for folks who want to share bias.
    Do you want to get better at sewing binding? 
    I got you! I have videos on how to sew it and I'll be talking a lot about it and other uses for bias soon. I was a beginner once too and I can demystify everything about binding- when to pull, when not to pull, how to hide the seam, how to get your stitching to land on the binding on the underside every time, and when to use it. Here's a video of ways to use bias binding and how to sew it:

    What patterns of mine can you use bias on? All of them!! (well except the Cupcake and Pie Slice Pincushions and the Cocoon (except technically you can use it for the facing).