Napkins by Sew Sew Live

For years I've wondered... Why do some edges of sewn items crumple in the laundry and need ironing and others don't?

I set out to solve this mystery with some experiments and tests.

Sewing Level:Beginner 

Fabric: Wovens, yarn-dyed woven work great but prints can too.

I made size and View (if applicable): Cut approximately 14" x 16"

My mods: I did lots of experiments to find a design that washed well and doesn't need ironing. I'm VERY interested in this quirky aspect. 

Description: Cloth napkins with a variety of sewing methods

Click the image below for video: 


Notes: First I sewed four different hem finishes: Sewn, turned and topstitched, hemmed, fringed, and bound with cross-cut binding. I've had some hand-made napkins that I fringed about 20 years ago and they never need ironing- so I knew that would be a good edge. It's easy to sew but time consuming to fringe.

I also thought the way I hemmed one and the sewn/turned finish would do well. They did pretty good but not as good as the fringe.

One thing is key- cutting the fabrics on their length and cross grains as perfectly as possible. I favor yarn-dyed cottons or linen/cotton blends because their weight and texture hold up well and fell good.

For these fabrics, I used two layers and I kept them layered with the grainlines parallel. 

Like I said- I am very interested in this topic and had fun with experiments.