Split Tool Belt Free Pattern And Sewing Videos


Sewing Level: Intermediate but there are options to make it easier to sew.


Medium and heavy weight fabrics work best.For outdoor or heavy duty use, try using canvas or denim for the base. You will need a lighter fabric than canvas to get the elastic to gather the top edge. Instructions are provided in the video for a casing for the elastic instead of overlocking and hemming it as an alternative.

 You'll also need some binding, a buckle for your belt width and webbing (optional).

Size:One, The Belt is cut to fit. Apron can be made larger or smaller if desired.

Description: The Split Tool Belt is ideal for movement. Comes standard with three large elasticized pockets on each ‘apron’ that can be customized to fit your needs. Optional Pocket Flap. Casing along the top to accommodate different belt styles. It’s easy to make this fit multiple sizes since the belt is separate and the aprons can slide along it.

Pattern comes with Instructions. They are best used with the video.

Sewing Variations:

There are some sewing and fabric variations: 

  • Three belt options: Webbing with Buckle, Fabric Belt with Buckle, Fabric Belt that Ties
  • Non-Binding method (cut twice as many of the Apron Base and clean finish by lining the apron-verbal instructions are given in the sewing video)
  • Instructions in the video review adding a facing for an elastic casing if you do not want to use a serger/zig zag to attach the elastic
  • Flap is Optional
  • You can adjust the size of the pattern pieces: In Circumference: Add a parallel amount to the fold side of each pice (or subtract if you want it smaller). You can also adjust the length of the apron, length of the pockets, or both.

Yardage Requirements:


Apron Base & Waist Casings
1/2 yard (46 cm) (measurements for the casings are below if you want to cut in a different fabric. If you want a second layer of the aprons base, you need 12"/30 cm more fabric.
10"/25.4 cm per pair of Pockets
2 yards/meters @ 1.375"/35 mm wide (there is a non binding method however you need to cut FOUR Apron Bases. Check yardage.
Fabric Belt (if not using webbing):
Length: high hip measurement + 12"/30 cm
Height: 6"/15 cm wide
(if you want to tie it, seeCutting)
1.5 " Webbing (if using fabric, see above)
You need: High Hip measurement plus 12"/30 cm
3/8"-1/2" Elastic (9.5-12.7 mm):
Cut 2: 12-14" or 30-35 cm (depends upon fabric weight)
1 @ Webbing (finished belt) width


Printing: Print Actual Size or 100%, Unlimited downloads

Fabrics Used in Sewn Samples:

In the Sewing Video, the Split Tool Belt uses a treated Hemp Twill as the Apron Base and Casing, a lightweight linen lined with a lightweight twill for the pockets, and quilting cotton for the binding. The belt is a nylon webbing with a 1.5" clasp buckle.

In the original design of the tool belt, a canvas was used for the base, with quilting cotton for the pockets. I reinforced the bottom of the pockets with the same canvas (hence why it looks like it's two-toned). I used a 2" cotton webbing and clasp buckle that I directly sewed to the Tool Belt (it does not have a casing). I spent time designing each pocket size and use. Some have flaps and zippers. I personally think this wasn't necessary now that I've used it for 7 months. Having one secure pocket is useful.

Click the images below for videos: (video links will be available once videos are live on 12/11 and 12/12 11:00 a.m. Pacific)


Here are the livestream for the original Tool Belt: