Sunblock Shirt Pattern by Me

Sewing Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Fabric: Wovens (I used a UV blocking fabric specifically made to block as much of the sun's harmful rays as possible). Rated SPF 50

I made size and View (if applicable): For my mom

My mods: -

    Description: My mom wanted and needed a little sunblock overshirt to toss on over her clothes when she worked in the yard or watered the plants.

    She asked for:

    • Full Zip
    • Hood with Brim
    • simple front pockets
    • elasticized wrists

    I added:

    • Vent across back with mesh
    • Vents in the underarms with mesh

    Click the images below for videos: 


     Notes: There's a lot of sun where we live and having a sunblock top is pretty helpful if you don't want to change in to long sleeves. All fabrics have different SPF ratings ( t-shirt only has an SPF of 4!). My  mom asked for a garment to wear over her clothes. It's her design. :)