Floor Pouf Free Pattern from Closet Case Patterns

Sewing Level: Advanced Beginner 

Fabric: Wovens, use your scraps!

I made size and View (if applicable): N/A

My mods:

Rainbow:  I made the sides as two pieces rather 12 small pieces. I also made a removable case to hold the scraps I'll stuff it with so the cover is washable. Cats: The top is two pieces of fabric seamed down the middle (this fabric is incredibly fussy to cut). Both:  I sewed the zipper opening with a lap so it's hidden.  I made the sides using two pieces rather than 12.

All these mods are illustrated in the Cutting and Sewing videos.

Description: Floor hassock for stuffing your fabric scraps 

Click the images below for videos: 


The Inserts:

Notes: I love how these turned out! They're fun to make and stuffing them with scraps give them heft. I was able to easily match the points and I also sewed the piping. This is my new go-to gift to make others. I'll just keep a interior bag for scraps near my cutting table at all times so there's one always ready!