Men's Fairfield Button-Up by Thread Theory Designs

Sewing Level:Intermediate

Fabric: Printed cotton (blue version), and brown yard dyed plaid for second version.

Yarn dyed Mammoth Flannel in Adventure colorway for the plaid long sleeved.

I made size and View (if applicable): Men's Size S, Short Sleeves, Contrast Yoke, Neck Loop, Flat Felled Seams.

My mods: Short Sleeves, shorter length; no mods on long sleeved plaid version.

Description:Men's basic button-up- so useful! 

If you need help sewing a Clean Finished Yoke, look HERE.

If you need help a Collar or Collar Stand, look HERE.

If you need help sewing shirt sleeve plackets look HERE for bias sleeve placket and HERE for Shirt Sleeve/tower/Column.

Click the images below for videos:




2021 Plaid Matching! Flat Felled Seams! Tower Plackets!


Notes: Shirts for my husband, brother and father. Great details are in this shirt and the possibilities are endless!

For my first: I kept it simple and made a short sleeved version but added a contrast yoke and neck loop (mainly to cushion the label I used so it wouldn't irritate his neck). I sewed flat felled seams on the sleeve and underarm. Sorry there's no Cutting video but I'll definitely make another! I think the only thing I'd do is make the back pleat deeper. It looks great on my husband.

2021: this is the ultimate Fairfield. All the details and it turned out great. The plaid matching Cutting video is detailed- it really won't take you this long to cut out a plaid shirt as most won't need to do all these things or think about it. But I give lots of tips on why you don't cut plaids a certain way.