Men's Arbor Shirt by Merchant & Mills

Sewing Level: Intermediate

Fabric: Woven

I made size and View (if applicable): 34

My mods: None but I used a smaller seam allowance on the chest pockets and flaps- these are the same size for all sizes and they seemed small but it did make them barely fit on the smallest size.  I utilized the cool selvage for some details.

Description: Men's button-up shirt with straight hem, small collar stand, wide placket and 2 chest pockets and flaps. Two-piece sleeve with no pleats.

Click the images below for videos: 


Michael's Notes: Flaps are a little long (my error using smaller seam allowance), Cuffs too big around (think I'll pleat the sleeve and tighten up the cuff next time), Collar is a little big (the length of it not the neck circumference). He loves it though. Seriously it turned out beautiful.