Kelly Anorak by Closet Core Patterns

Sewing Level: Intermediate 

Fabric: Essex Linen Outer, Cotton print lining: Materials and Pattern provided by Hart's Fabric!

I made size and View (if applicable): Size 16 to fit over my clothes with modifications 

My mods: 

Fit Mods: Opened up back hip, refined the sleeve fit, brought in the shoulders, fit the hood, shortened 2.5"

Sewing Mods (mostly to accommodate this becoming a rain jacket): Removed the shoulder seam, removed the back pleat, changed the front pockets to welts, added an inner chest pocket to the lining.

Description: Kelly Anorak as a rain coat, Fully Lined with their additional expansion pack, water proofing with Otter Wax. The final photos show only part of the left front with the water proofing wax on it.

Click the images below for videos:


My Notes: We took this project in manageable steps and I'm thrilled with how it came out. I probably fussed over the sleeve fit a bit too much (off camera) because sometimes I go down a rabbit hole of experiments. I do think you should pick a size based on the clothes you'll wear under it. Not your usual one. Hence why I needed to bring in the shoulders and shorten it. This isn't typical but it was my experience. I had the Lining expansion and followed those pattern pieces and instructions but I give help on sewing it unlined.

Probably the biggest change I made was adding welt pockets. I wanted to make sure my jacket is the best possible for waterproofing and the patch pockets may not be the best for that. I also didn't want the flaps as just a decoration and putting them on the welts makes them functional. So my jacket still looks a lot like the Kelly but my pockets drop in through welts so it makes the water proofing better. If you want those pattern pieces- -they're available to Patreon Patrons. They're basic but they work!

I think the way the casing is sewn is strange but unavoidable. The center front zipper is very easy to sew but the instructions are confusing (this may just be me but I felt like the pattern pieces have confusing names since they're not facings but flaps and extensions.)

Happy sewing!