Brattle Top by Cashmerette

Sewing Level: Intermediate (for the neckline stitching but you can not stitch the neckline down and this would be beginner friendly in my opinion)

Fabric: Knits

I made size and View (if applicable): 14

My mods: None

Description: Pull knit top with knot detail at the front hem and clean faced neckline. Short sleeves.

Click the images below for videos: 


Notes: A very quick top that's very satisfying! I've made two; one in a cotton knit and other is in a rayon knit. Select a knit with great drape! It will be more fluid and slouchy! Stitching the neckline facing down was the hardest step for me. I don't think it's 100% necessary but it is a nice touch! If you're a little nervous about it, I'd leave it loose and tack it down at the shoulders by stitching in the ditch.

It's a fairly short top in front. It's perfect for the Elmwood skirt, and high waisted bottoms. I think the knot is soft enough that one could put it on the back too for a fun effect. And then it'd be easy to lengthen it a bit too. I love this top and I'm definitely making more!