Girl Friday Blouse by Decades of Style

Sewing Level: Intermediate- solidly. It's not that it's hard- but it's a little fiddly. Make sure you finish all your fabric edges first or have a solid plan. Most of the sewing will prevent you from going back to finish after the seam is sewn.

Fabric: lightweight drapey fabrics!

I made size and View (if applicable): 40 bust

My mods: Tiny sewing mods. Definitely check out the time stamps of the part 2 sewing video for an idea of finishing the neck that I think could be easier and come out nicer or with better chance for success (not that it won't be successful! It'll just be less fussy).

Description: 1940's inspired blouse with side zip, three layer of collars, inverted tucks on the waist at the hem for shaping.

Click the images below for videos: 


Notes: This blouse fits me so perfectly - I'll definitely be making one for myself since this was a sponsored project from Hart's Fabric.

If you use a solid fabric, you can do the intended stitching that embellishes the collar and armholes. I can pull it over my head so there isn't a need for the zipper- it's a little close but I'd leave it off on my own.

I also recommend finishing your fabric edges before sewing them. I have an alternate way to finish the neckline- check out Sewing Part 2 and the time stamp for it.