Unfolding Jacket by Wiksten (formerly known as the Haori)

Wiksten Patterns has updated their pattern with a new name! The Unfolding Jacket is now the name of what was once called the Haori. I wholeheartedly support their decision to evaluate where we culturally appropriate clothing and other items in our lives. And I support their decision to rename it. I will also donate all the funds from any Unfolding Jacket videos to organizations supporting Asians and stopping the hate toward Asians. 

As of writing this, Wiksten has also decided to discontinue the pattern in the near future. Here are their words taken from their website: "Formerly known as the Haori, a name which was culturally appropriative, this pattern is now being discontinued. It will be available for a limited time under the new name, which denotes both the collar design and a continual unfolding of knowledge about cultural sensitivity. The profits from this pattern will be donated to Stop AAPI Hate. Read about this decision here." 

Sewing Level:Advanced Beginner 

Fabric: I used a boiled wool boucle for the orange unlined jacket and a drapey tencel for the outer lined jacket. For the floral I used a cotton lawn.

I made size and View (if applicable): Size M (wool) Size S floral lawn

My mods: Unlined: Bound interior seams, edging on collar, bound rounded patch pockets. Floral Unlined: French seams, lengthened 6" and added a robe tie.

Description: A classic in the sewing world now, this is a comfy jacket to throw on. I made one for the office and one as a robe style for the home. 

Click the images below for videos: 




(This last one is an uploaded and edited sew-through)

Notes:This style sleeve is not my favorite as a flattering element but it's comfortable and easy to sew and very versatile! And I highly recommend this pattern. Just search the hashtag to be inspired  by the variety of creative projects made by hundreds of folks!