Zen Pants by 5 out of 4 Patterns

Sewing Level: Intermediate

Fabric: Stretch (meant for knits but I used a stretch woven with about 25% horizontal stretch only)

I made size and View (if applicable): XXS

My mods: None except sewing

Description: Stretch pants with details to make them have more style. 

Click the images below for videos: 


Notes: I love exploring stretch pants that don't look like loungewear. I thought this pattern was designed for stretch wovens (my mistake!) but it ended up being just fine. The fabric called for is 50% stretch (horizontal and it's recommended to have vertical stretch too) I have a hard time finding fabrics that have 50% stretch. My fabric doesn't come close to that and it worked great. It's also very stretch still.

There are a LOT of details that make these more involved sew- and I'm glad I picked a stretch-woven for that reason alone. I'm not one to put so much effort in to loungewear or knits since knits can be more fragile and don't last as long. But it's because of all these details that I think it makes them have a lot more style and not be just casual.

There is a drawcord, snap, elastic, and rivets in these unassuming pants! I didn't have enough rivets but I'd skip them on a knit fabric- knit is too fragile for a cut hole. All these details make them almost on par with the amount of time to sew jeans. Especially since getting the hand pockets to sit nicely takes some care. But it's also what makes them interesting and I love how they came out.