ABB Leggings by Do It Better Yourself (D.I.B.Y. Patterns)

Sewing Level: Beginning

Fabric: Knits

I made size and View (if applicable): Shorts

My mods: Only length and grading between waist and hip.

Description: Leggings pattern in multiple lengths. These are undershorts for wearing under dresses with lace trim. FYI the grade on the Center Front Rise of the Misses sizes is flipped but it still sews together and didn't affect the fit.

Click the images below for videos: 


Notes: Very fast and simple project. No elastic at the waist. Two waistband widths. I opted for the wider one but I think it wasn't completely necessary. They're very comfortable. My fabric is soft and stretchy making them feel a little loose but not baggy. The crotch could fit better.