Reeta Shirt Dress by Named Clothing

Sewing Level:Intermediate

Fabric: Neon slub Chambray from my Needlesharp Subscription Box 

I made size and View (if applicable): US 14 

My mods: None that I remember 

Description: Shirt dress with draw string waist and button front. Pleated chest pockets and cuffed short sleeves. 

Click the images below for videos(Finishing is at the beginning of the Asaka video):


Notes:I love the fit of this dress and I always look forward to wearing it. Note that the sleeve length grade is flipped so you may need to shorten if you but out a size on the lower end or lengthen it if you cut out a size on the upper end. And- sadly I missed that it doesn't have pockets which would be very easy to add! I included a link to a pattern how to above.