Jelly Roll Race Quilt

Sewing Level:Beginner 

Fabric: Wovens, any light to mid-weight woven. For mine, I chose Essex yarn dyed linen/cotton and a Carolyn Friedlander half yard bundle with prints and yarn dyed cottons. I cut my own jelly roll using a pinking blade on a rotary knife and I did not pre-wash for that reason.

I made size and View (if applicable): Twin (hopefully two for my King sized bed)

My mods: Just my size is the mod. Usually you use a jelly roll to make it and it will end up being a throw sized quilt (but you can add a border to adjust the size)

Description: Speedy way to sew together a quilt top! Links below.

Click the images below for videos: 

Part 1 will be sewing the strips together.

Part 2 will be sewing the strip in to a top.


Notes: My viewer chat told me about this 'race' using a jelly roll (a jelly roll is a pre-cut stack of fabrics that are 2.5" wide and the length is the width of the fabric - 44". There are usually about 40 pieces (at 2.5" x 44")). Sewists will race to sew the quilt top and it's an interesting yet straight-forward way to sew it together. I made my own jelly roll but there are so many tempting rolls to choose from out there and for less than $40 you have a quilt top!

Here's a link to a basic overview of the method we'll be following: Jelly Roll Quilt

Here's a link about how to size yours: Jelly Roll Bedding Sizes