Haori Jacket by Wiksten

Sewing Level:Advanced Beginner 

Fabric: I used a boiled wool boucle for the orange unlined Haori and a drapey For the floral I used a cotton lawn.

I made size and View (if applicable): Size M (wool) Size S floral lawn

My mods: Unlined: Bound interior seams, edging on collar, bound rounded patch pockets. Floral Unlined: French seams, lengthened 6" and added a robe tie.

Description: A classic in the sewing world now, this is a comfy jacket to throw on. I made one for the office and one as a robe style for the home. 

Click the images below for videos: 



(This last one is an uploaded and edited sew-through)

Notes:This style sleeve is not my favorite as a flattering element but it's comfortable and easy to sew and very versatile! And I highly recommend this pattern. Just search the hashtag to be inspired  by the variety of creative projects made by hundreds of folks!