Fitting and Sewing Consultations with Saremy Duffy

When you need a little help figuring something out like a sewing step or a fitting issue.

Let me know the pattern, or fit issue ahead of time and with what you need help.

Be ready when the meeting begins. Depending upon what you need, have your garment on and check your lighting and space. I may ask you to walk around or sit.

By the end we'll have a step by step list of what to do next and if appropriate I'll send you a schematic with a list so you don't have to take notes or remember everything and you can focus on the help you need.

Half Hour Fit Sessions are $38. They will begin promptly. If you are late, even ten minutes, I'll still be there and we can get a lot done in 20 minutes. The appointment still needs to end at the original time so I can get to the next consultation.

If you need to cancel, you can do so up until midnight Pacific Time the day before.

I look forward to helping you! I really enjoy these individual sessions.

This is a two step process to secure a slot:

Use THIS LINK To schedule a time.

Purchase your slot here on this page. You can purchase more than one to schedule more than a half hour. But a lot can get done in a half hour!