Cozy Quilted Set featuring Tamarack Jacket and Carolyn PJ Bottoms

Sewing Level: Intermediate

Fabric: Wovens, used a quilted Knit here.

I made size and View (if applicable): Size 14 in both

My mods: Tamarack Jacket: Petal sleeve hems, angled the front pockets, and extended the pockets to the perimeter edge. I also scooped the back neck a little as it sits high on me. 

Carolyn PJ Bottoms: Petal hems, bound pocket opening, wider waistband with drawcord

Description: Two-piece set using quilted knit from Minerva. Find it here.

  • I've made the Carolyn Pajama Bottoms several times, find them HERE.

  • I've made the Tamarack Jacket & Vest a few times, find them HERE.

Click the images below for videos: 

Tamarack Jacket:


Carolyn Pajama Bottoms:


My notes:

I wanted a cozy loungewear set that was also somewhat nice looking and not sloppy. I used a quilted knit fabric that was really interesting. It has a scrim on the inside so it's unnecessary to line it. I really love how this set came out. I find myself wearing it every day. And I grab the jacket for wearing outside the house too. It's light but warm and the body is great. I think it grows in length as I wear them but I haven't decided if this is true yet.

You can also see my write-up on Minerva HERE.