Series: Design and Manufacturing

I've had over 35 years in a sewing related industry. I've worked as a Designer and Pattern Drafter for businesses with and without factories. I freelanced for over 100 companies specializing in start-up companies who knew nothing about a sewn products business. I grew my own product business to $250,00 annual sales and manufactured it all ourselves. Oh is that not enough in sales for you? Try sewing 10,000 items each year and then we'll talk :)

I'm sharing just about anything and everything possible in this series.



In this Costing segment, I show you my cost sheets, how I priced things, wholesale vs retail and the markup, why it's hard to find your overhead, and so much more! Plus a very important homework question.

In this Marketing segment, I talk about all the ways listed we tried marketing. I talk successes, failures and even a little dirt on a few companies.