Zip Double Sewing *KITS*

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When I closed Chicken Boots, there were still a few items left to sew. It all got boxed up safely and now I am pleased to offer these Zip Doubles as partial sewing kits...but read carefully. There are no returns on Kits. Also- Please read it through before emailing a question. Thanks.

When you are ready to put one in your cart, click the fabric name in the list, rather than on the photo and then Add to Cart.

The link to the How To Video will be in a downloadable document. This will apear on the receipt page if let it load and it will also be emailed to you separately- check your spam folder and be sure to save the document so you have think link forever (or save the video in your YouTube library).

These DO NOT come with the sewing pattern. But they do come with a video on how to sew the top in this fashion. You will need the pattern to be able to sew the Kit since you will need the pattern piece for the lower body of the bag (pictured in vinyl). The pattern comes with a How-To video too! Look Here for the Pattern. 

These kits were cut by me and Rayann.  They are NOT identical to the sewing pattern. AND your purchase will come with a video on how to sew it in this style (which is actually a lot less steps and easier to do) Some of the pieces are a little wonky. What can I say, we were very used to sewing these. The notches are even a bit extra notched. They are priced at wholesale prices. They were tested and sewed well!

What do you Get?

The KIT comes with the Inner Top, Outer Top, Pocket, Handle, and a Zipper plus Slider.

Aviary, Bask and Woodcut have their pockets and handles already bias bound. Some of the Rainbow and Llama kits have bound Pockets. LOOK at the pictures.

You will need fabric or vinyl for the bag Body and binding to finish it off. You will need the pattern for the bag Body.

READ: The way these were designed, they utilize one side of a zipper that is by-the-yard. Don't be nervous! It's so much easier to sew it this way and it looks much nicer too. The sewing pattern wasn't designed like this since zipper by-the-yard isn't very common. The video shows how to sew this step and it will be emailed to you once you purchase the kit. (it is not shown in the How To video that comes with the pattern).

If you are a business who wants to sew and sell these- that is fine! Sewing and selling Chicken Boots patterns on a home-based scale is awesome! Let me know so I can share!

The photo of the FINISHED Zip Double is how we used to make them. You will need binding for the Top edge and the two bottom edges (and the pocket and handle if the kit you chose isn't pre-bound).

Happy Sewing!

You can find the Zip Double Sewing Pattern HERE.