Cocoon Finished Product

READ: Make sure you pick the product from the Drop Down list. The photo that goes with it will show. DO NOT select the product you want by selecting the photo-use the drop down before adding to your cart! These are one of a kind so if you pick the wrong one, the one you wanted will likely be gone when you get yours. Sorry the site acts like this!

This is already finished product! Read each thumbnail. The main thumbnail for this whole listing has a big picture of how the seam on the Inset looks for the Cocoons that were fabric samples. A fat quarter isn't enough for a whole Cocoon so I had to do my best to interview colors. :) It's not extremely noticeable but it's there.

On the print error Cocoons… this means the repeat was a tiny bit off. It’s pretty hard to see. They are first quality sewing.

 Each Cocoon varies a bit from one to the other, except the Made Here products. Those are all about the same.

If you'd like to know more about the Cocoon or if you'd like to make your own, check it out HERE.