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Sewing Pattern

The Bin Bin storage container can be made in ANY size or fabric. The downloadable pdf comes with worksheets to create your Bin Bin. All you need to know, is what size and style you want. Plug your numbers in to the worksheet and with barely any math you'll have the cut sizes of all your pattern pieces for four different styles:

PDF Worksheet for Four styles:

Collapsible All Fabric

Non-Collapsible All Fabric

Collapsible Clear Front

Non-Collapsible Clear Front

Plus Lid Schematic for any Bin Bin

 Sewing the Bin Bin will strengthen your 3-D sewing with a bit of stiffener and binding thrown in. There is some binding but if you purchase any of the videos there is a free Bonus video to show how to sew the top edge without binding (on All Fabric styles). The binding steps are easier than you think!

PDF Includes:

  • Instructions and information for an optional Handle and/or Label Holder
  • Worksheets for each Bin Bin Style
  • Worksheet for Lid (NEW!)
  • Cutting Layouts
  • Label Holder and Handle Instructions
  • Sewing Instructions
  • Yardage Calculations
  • Materials Overview
  • 13 pages 8.5" x 11" paper 

This is a really fun pattern! Let your creativity go wild with endless possibilities.

There are sewing instructions included however videos illustrate the sewing in detail. You can watch the How-To live streams or purchase a dedicated video.

Skill Level: Adventurous Beginner/Intermediate

Finished Measurements: 

  • You decide!

Videos Sold Separately as a Bundle or with the Pattern

  • Collapsible All Fabric (53 minutes) 
  • Collapsible Clear Front (59 minutes) + Bonus Video (28 minutes)
  • Non-Collapsible All Fabric (51 minutes)+ Bonus Video (28 minutes)
  • Non-Collapsible Clear Front  (50 minutes) + Bonus Video (28 minutes)
  • Plus Bonus Video (28 minutes)

Each Dedicated Video comes with:

  • Linked Time stamps to jump to where you need in the video
  • Subtitles/Closed Captioning
  • How to cut, plan and adjust for fabrics and prints
  • What fabrics and materials to use
  • How to cut and sew Label Holders and Handles and How/Where to Attach
  • How to fill out your Worksheet
  • How to completely sew the Bin from start to finish
  • For Clear Front bins, there is an option to make a fabric front with contrast fabric like a quilt square
  • Bonus video that includes steps how to sew the top edge clean finished without binding (see photos, All Fabric versions only), how to add carrying straps and how to make a Lid.

 Purchase Notes:

 Download links do not expire-Keep your email with the download links. Once you receive your link, download it immediately and save it to a file on your computer so you have it forever. (Downloads usually appear at the bottom of the web page in the bottom left corner and also in your Downloads folder on your computer; You can also search your computer to find them.)

  • Once you purchase the pattern, the download link(s) will be emailed to you instantly. Check your spam folder if you don't see it. The Download link is also on the purchase confirmation page when you finish your transaction.

  • You're welcome to make and sell Bins Bins if you have purchased the pattern but only if you're on a home-based business scale. If you have questions on what scale 'home-based' is just ask! Please use the hashtag so we can feature your creations!

    Materials Needed:

    Fabrics and material:


    Most light and medium weight wovens will work for a Bin Bin. For those pictured, quilting cotton, light canvas, yarn dyed linen/cotton and chambray fabrics were used. Heavier weight materials such as canvases or denims and twills can work and add a lot of sturdiness.


    • Pellon 70 non-fusible stiffener 
    • or Canvas as an interlayer


    12 gauge matte vinyl is used on the clear Bin Bins and Label Holders. Vinyl can be found at many larger fabric stores. It is quite affordable so get the best you can find.


    On each worksheet for each view, there is a rough yardage calculation to be completed once you finish the worksheet. Note that if your Bin Bin measurement around the perimeter will exceed the width of your material, you'll need to rotate the body pieces to run lengthwise rather than crosswise on your fabric. Grainline is NOT important for bins. It is only mentioned to plan for directional prints. Most border prints run along the selvage. If your fabric is directional, you can piece your Body pieces together with no bad consequences- only cuteness!


    • 1" (2.54 cm) wide Webbing, 1/4 yd (23 cm)
    • 1.375" (35 mm) wide bias binding, double fold packaged or make your own*
    • Needles suitable for heavy duty sewing; all machines vary. Suggested sizes:   90/14 and 100/16 or 110/18. Test your materials.

    * A fat quarter of fabric can yield 5.5 yds (5 m) of bias binding that measures 1.375" (35 mm) wide. 

     Here are some helpful videos to cut and sew your own bias binding:


     Share what you make! Or check out the hashtags to see the Bin Bins made by others and get inspiration!

     #SSBinBin  #SewSewPatterns