Accordion Needle Cases Finished Product

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The Accordion Needle Case was a Chicken Boots design of mine. It's one of my absolute favorites. To this day I haven't found a better way to store my circular needles that is compact, secure and easily used.

It's also one of the hardest to make so hopefully it's understandable why it's taken so long to getting around to sewing the last few. But the wait is worth it because the fabrics they're in are some of our all time best and classic. Sweater Cats are new. There were some sewn pockets and we couldn't let those go to waste!

This case is designed for circular knitting needles. Of course you can use it for whatever you like. The pockets can't leak to the outside but very small items can leak to other pockets.

One tip that makes the Accordion even better: If you store more than one set of needles in one pocket, try putting needles drastically different from one another in the pocket so you can tell the difference. In other words, I like to put my 3 and 7s in one pocket, the next one is 4s and 8s, the next is 5s and 9s. I use two Accordions for ALL of my circulars. (I'm mostly a sweater knitter). One Accordion has the 16" lengths in the front half and the 24" in the back half. The other is 32" in the front half and 40" in the back half. I use iron-on labels on the fabric sides I printed on inkjet printer paper from June Tailor.


  • Nine Pockets (note they are not completely closed at the bottom but divider does skim the bottom of the Accordion to prevent most items slipping between pockets).
  • Elasticized button closure so it can expand but also stay snugly closed
  • Circular needles will not fall out.
  • You can write on the vinyl with a wet erase marker to label the contents or carefully use iron-on labels on the fabric sides.
  • Case is sturdy with two layers of fabric, stiffener between the layers, and all seams are bound with fabric. Pocket dividers use vinyl.
  • Case is washable. Toss in the washing machine on cold. Line Dry because of the vinyl.
  • Measures 8" tall x 4" wide.

These are indeed the very last.

A sewing pattern could be possible but I'm not quite sure most sewing machines are up to the task and that means only a few folks could purchase the pattern.