Weirdos and Seconds


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Most of these items have been stored nicely but they've been kicking around my studio for awhile. They're all one of kind hence the weirdo label. Some are prototypes, some were saved just because. If you have a question please ask.

Finished Products

Each item has details on its photo. And I included a photo against my Beatrice Dress Form for scale. 

Pattern Holders

If you don't know about the Pattern Holders I used to make and sell, they're super nifty. It was my #1 selling product. If you know, you know :)

It holds your pattern upright, magnetics keep it in the triangle shape (which is how it's supposed to be used) and an elastic slides to hold your place in your pattern. There are smaller elastics on the side to hold a small tool (tapestry needle, cable needle, etc). The whole things folds flat for portability.' Use it for cooking or crafting or anything you need to read line by line.

One is a bit wonky but it will work pretty good.

The other two are a larger format to accommodate patterns printed landscape.

Interchangeable Case

It's pretty hard to see those holes in person. Here is a link to the details for this needle case style. Click HERE.


The rest are bags and similar that were prototypes on their way to something else.