Project Bag Sewing *KITS*


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When I closed Chicken Boots, there were still a few items left to sew. It all got boxed up safely and now I am pleased to offer these authentic Chicken Boots Project Bags as sewing kits...but read carefully. There are no returns on Kits. Also- Please read it through before emailing a question. Thanks.

When you are ready to put one in your cart, click the fabric name in the list, rather than on the photo and then Add to Cart.

These DO NOT come with the sewing pattern. You will most likely need the pattern to be able to sew the Kit. The pattern comes with a How-To video too! Look Here for the Pattern. Scroll to the bottom here to see a few other related products.

These kits were cut by me and Rayann and the stiffener and vinyl were cut by a local factory. They are NOT identical to the sewing pattern you can now purchase. It is very slightly different. But it sews exactly the same way. If you follow the same sewing instructions and allow for a little wonky-ness (our cutting) you will have a beautiful Project Bag! Some of the pieces are a little wonky. What can I say, we were very used to sewing these. I'll be sewing one of these live in the near future and you are welcome to join and ask questions if the wonkyness makes you nervous ;) Some don't even have the strap placement notches since Rayann felt it was easier to use a guide. They are priced at wholesale prices. They were tested and sewed well!

What do you Get?

The KIT comes with everything EXCEPT bias binding to make one Project Bag. EVERYTHING! Vinyl divider, Stiffener, Outer Fabric, Lining Fabric, Webbing. The exact materials we used at Chicken Boots. You only need thread, elastic, binding and sewing!

The LINING comes with ONLY Lining pieces to make one Project Bag. (No stiffener, webbing or vinyl).

The OUTER comes with ONLY Outer Fabric pieces to make one Project Bag. (No stiffener, webbing or vinyl).

I do not know if I'll be able to sell Stiffener/Webbing/Vinyl Kits quite yet. But I'll announce it when I know. Supplies are limited and we always cut what we needed to match up with existing production.

The photos of the bags are how we sewed them in production. There is an additional close up photo of the fabrics. Re: Meow and Sloth: The Document Pocket is bound on both of these. You can remove it (it's easy since it's only one stitch line rather than two). 

If you are a business who wants to sew and sell these- that is fine! Sewing and selling Chicken Boots patterns on a home-based scale is awesome! Let me know so I can share!

A description of each fabric is below (with as much info as possible):

Cozy: quilting weight cotton by Cotton + Steel collaboration

Hydrangeas: quilting weight designs by Jason Yenter

Knit/Purl: Cotton Poplin from Spoonflower, designed by me :) (There are Outer Fabric only Kits HERE)

Llamas: quilting weight, designs by Joel Dewberry

Market: quilting weight, designs by Alexia Abegg


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