HOW TO Draft Your Sleeve Sloper/Block

In this video series we drafted our basic bodice Sloper/Block. And now we're working on the SLEEVE- an important part of having your Sloper. We are drafting this Sloper/Block December 12th and 14th, 2019. 

I am going to refer to it as a sloper from here on out...

With your basic sloper, you can draft all patterns that fit the upper body. This is a casual series but with accurate and good info. Since it's free and my first time sharing how to do this, I'm getting the hang of how to convey the information and how to teach it accurately.

Getting a perfect Sloper takes some effort! And remember, our bodies change more often than we realize. So just take this as a great way to learn how patterns interact with your body and how one area affects another when you shift or change something.

Note: you need to take specific measurements. Once you draft your sloper, it doesn't mean you'll have a perfectly fitting sloper on the first try. You need to fit and adjust it just like any garment. But once you have it, it'll be a great reference for your future ready-to-wear patterns and what you'll need to do to adjust them to fit you! You'll also be able to draft your own patterns and we'll definitely be using our Slopers to do that! 

Here are the measurements you need to take: 

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Please let me know how it goes and join us in a live video some time! Tag your Sloper creations with #SewSewSloper

Click below for videos: Measuring Yourself, Drafting the Front, Drafting the Back.