Zipper By-The-Yard

Sold By-The-Yard or by the Bundle

Perfect for the Zip Double and Notions Wedgie Sewing Patterns! You can cut the zipper ANY Length you need.

4.5 Coil Chain zipper.

Tape is 1.25" wide

By-The-Yard Details

Sold in 140" lengths with 10 sliders.

This means you can make 10 zippers that are 14"long (or any length you like)

Or you can make them as shown in the picture using one side of the zipper.

Bundle Details

220 yards

560 Sliders

This is the equivalent of 565 zippers 14" long (about .24 cents per zipper)

(1 slider per 14" of zipper or 1 slider per 28" half zipper)

Here is a video on a few different ways you can use this style of zipper and also HOW TO add the zipper slider!