Sew-In Labels

Custom designed sew-in labels. Woven labels have two images on each one! Two labels in one!

Vibrant! Easy care and easy to use! Sizes shown in photos.

(If you have the option, select first class mail IF THIS IS THE ONLY THING YOU'RE ORDERING. These will be shipped in an office envelope).

Woven Labels

Pre-folded in a loop. Sew in to a seam. 1/4" seam allowance along top edge.

Loop labels are reversible with a different image on each side. Not scratchy. (I don't sew my labels on the sides seam against the ribs/stomach, this area is more sensitive. I'm sensitive to labels and while these are stout they do not irritate my skin).

Comes in Plants, Flowers, and Machines

Knit Print Digital Label

Flat label with Knit print has a finished edge and can be hand or machine sewn to any item. It is completely flat with no turn back edges. It can also be folded in half and inserted in a seam. Back side is white. Very soft, great for hand knits too.

Sew Expo Label

Custom made to celebrate the Sewing and Stitchery Show 40th anniversary. One side features the state flower, the rhododendron, and the other side features Mt. Ranier.

 Wholesale Available