Masks for hygiene


*Please do your research and follow guidelines for use from the CDC or your medical professional*

If you're looking for the video to sew the Spoonflower DIY Mask Making Kit it is linked below....

Read my Notes on each video to find the one that works best for you.

Sewing Level:Advanced Beginner 

Fabric: Wovens (natural fiber, tightly woven) 

I made size and View (if applicable): Adult and Child

My mods: I gave a variety of sewing techniques to use in the first video in light of many folks not having all the resources (like narrow elastic) available at this time of the pandemic. 

Description: Personal use face masks.

(Check out my other videos if you need some help Cutting or Sewing Bias Binding)

Click the images below for videos: 


Initial mask making LIVE stream with Production Style Techniques and a few tie ideas. Used the The Turban Project Pattern:

I use Patterns from The Turban Project and using the techniques given by the Deaconess Health System.



Live stream where I finished my prepped masks using a binding machine:



Uploaded concise video on How to cut and sew a lot of masks using a pattern I drafted with guidelines from the CDC and Kaiser:

In the THIRD Video, I share a pattern I made with production techniques for cutting and sewing in quantity. The video has all instructions. This pattern is made using CDC guidelines and inspired by  Kaiser sewing and mask guidelines.

Spoonflower DIY Mask Kit

Spoonflower has created a Kit to optimize their printing production and impact fabric printing less. You can get my or anyone's designs printed on a Spoonflower Mask Kit!

Here's a link to one of my designs: (Small Knit Print)

(Regular Knit Print as seen in video)

Check out the images here to see how to put in the Design ID # of the design YOU want on a mask. Designers get a small commission when you use their design.

Here's a video on how to sew the Spoonflower kit:


**I personally kept to the CDC guidelines with all my mask making efforts. There are a lot of great masks out there- however the style with the vertical seam give me concern as this creates a line of holes directly over your nose and mouth. So please do your research and choose the mask that works best for your needs!