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January  2019

Well. Here we are.

Another Year.

When I see kids I know this time of year, kids I really know and love, I tell them: Don't forget your New Year's Resolution! They always look at my puzzled but not because they know I don't even make New Year's Resolutions but because they can't imagine what resolution they have already declared that I am aware. And I remind them: Remember you promised to not get any bigger next year! Further puzzlement. Like, ok lady. I now you're the one who likes to tease but you sound like you mean it and let me tell you I plan on growing and learning and doing ALL THE THINGS next year. Nothing is stopping me. 

And of course that is exactly what I want for them. For anyone. Absolutely. I AM just a teaser and I love their reactions. I am all about seizing the day! And I am all about those kids seizing every moment.

And here I am. With big news. And in a way- it's to say I'm seizing the day.

But I'm also pressing pause- on Chicken Boots.

My new live sewing stream is something I'm very passionate about. It's where
I want to be. Seizing each day.

I know it's not for everyone. I know it has little to do with knitting (but more than you'd think!). But I also know most don't know what it is they're missing until they check it out. It's different from any other diy or sewing video you've watched. It's a different experience. Just saying it's interactive, inclusive, social, and casual in no way conveys it's purpose, meaning or necessity.

You know me- I don't do anything unless I think it's needed or I think my spin on it will be more than useful. I don't like wasting my time. haha! 

And I'm very excited about this. 

And all the things that have happened in the last year has made Sew Sew the path of least resistance. Lucky me! Because I love it. I love sharing and making and learning. But of course I can't do both!

And what does this mean to you?

Just a few of the things I've made on Sew Sew Live...
Above: Making Backpack and Below:  clockwise from left: Ginger Jeans, my Notions Case pattern, Tamarack Jacket)



What does this mean?

The bulleted list:

  • I am still committed to Chicken Boots! The website is open. I ship almost every day (holidays & weekends excluded), I'm making items for Madrona Fiber Arts, and I'm still here 100% for you! So feel free to shop or email and I'm here until the transition is complete which I plan to be around the beginning of April or when inventory is sold.
  • There are no new fabrics coming for Spring. Current inventory is just about all that will be available with a few exceptions (below).
  • Eggs/Rewards can still be redeemed and earned but only through March or when inventory is sold-whichever comes first. After that the Rewards Program will be terminated. [side note: I never added to my prices to accommodate the rewards program (or free shipping) so I feel pretty comfortable with this plan.] You are welcome to redeem whatever rewards you have earned until there is no longer inventory. I loved having it the Rewards program! I'm so glad so many were able to use it! I cannot alter the program without negatively affecting you so I'm leaving it as is until it's end.
  • Madrona is my last show (I will not be at Stitches West). I will be bringing every product in every fabric I have and I also have some items in the newest fabrics from the Fall release that are no longer on the website. I set them aside specifically for Madrona! I hope to see you there!
  • I'm pretty sure there are no outstanding gift certificates but just in case- please redeem them!
  • I don't know how to 'pause' a business- especially one that probably shouldn't be closed because it's doing well. So just bear with me as I sort it out step by step :) I adore you all and I'll try to be on top of everything as it happens. This may be the last of Chicken Boots but it's not the last of me!
  • If you want all the nitty gritty details, packed with drama and assorted reasons why this decision had to come about....stay tuned. I'll write up something and post it on the website for all to witness! I don't make these kinds of decisions lightly so be aware I have thought it through.
  • It is no small feat to manufacture thousands of unique items every year. We only sent out a few items to be sewn for a year and a half. The rest- we made right here. No one else does this in our niche on this scale. I'm super proud of what I achieved! I had A LOT of people tell me it couldn't be done.


I imagine I'll get all sorts of great questions and imaginative ideas on how to keep things the way they are. But please trust me it is impossible right now. But here are a few preemptive answers:

  1. I am not selling Chicken Boots. It's honestly a beast that probably very few have the skills to take on. Plus, I'm still committed to it staying domestically produced even if it's not in my hands.
  2. My factory doubled my prices and then closed their doors without warning. They may not have sewn everything but it helped and I liked having them as a backup.
  3. My former assistant and personal factory decided to do something new and kindly stayed on as an independent contractor until her new gig was to start- and then she survived the Camp Fire and lost her sewing studio and even the machine she just purchased from me.
  4. To hire and train new folks is not a quick process. I'd be in this same spot had her studio not burned down- and I didn't take immediate steps to find new sewists last summer when I knew I would need them. For many reasons.
  5. My lease is up and I do not want to stay where I'm at. Because of the Camp Fire any kind of rentals are at an extreme premium in my area. I did find a new rental (yay!) however it is not larger and it has a different set of limitations.
  6. And the biggest reason of all: Chicken Boots doesn't represent where I'm at anymore. And I am fine with this. :)
  7. Will there be discounts? Maybe.
  8. If you are interested in materials, fabric, notions or similar. Please click the image below and sign up for the newsletter. I still have zipper and stiffener and similar on a large scale that I will not be able to use. I will not be selling anything until I am home from Madrona in late February.

If you've read this far- you get a gold star!

I'm still here and sewing. Obsessing over making. And I'm excited about some of the plans I have in store. If you want to keep up to date with my new passion- subscribe to my YouTube channel and sign up for my newsletter. All are welcome. If you sew or do not sew. Knit and watch and chat with us! We talk a LOT about sizing. All levels of sewists are welcome. And check out one of the videos and see what you think.

Happy New year! 
xo Saremy

~Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light. 
~There will come a time when we must choose between what is right and what is easy.

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March 05, 2019

It was a pleasure seeing you at Madrona. I love all of your bags. I have purchased some for presents. You’re items are well made and sturdy. I look forward to subscribing to your YouTube channel.
Best of luck and be strong.


March 05, 2019

I am totally bummed that you won’t be at Stitches West, I was so looking forward to browsing and buying. But good luck on your new adventures! You and your area has had alot of challenges these last few months so it makes perfect sense to be making changes. Thanks for your great product and I’m off to check out stuff to buy on your site!


January 31, 2019

I happily have one of your bags and just subscribed to your YouTube channel. I celebrate you and your choice to follow your heart. All the best!

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